LATISSIMUS DORSI TENDON TRANSFER The transfer of latissimus dorsi tendon is highly employed about the part of the shoulder. The main reason is to observe enhancement in functioning and pain to even a slightest extent as a result of latissimus dorsi tendon transfer. In a certain organization thirty eight latissimus dorsi transfer processes were conducted in the interval of the year 1996 and 2009 and after a period of seventy months there was an improvement notable change. The moving of latissimus dorsi tendon from one position to another is now an improved and well developed way of treating the tears posterosuperior massive irreparable rotator cuff. A proposal of using the arthoscopically method is recommended so as to prevent pains in the deltoid parts. … Read more

High Blood Pressure

What is blood pressure? As the name indicates, blood pressure is nothing but the pressure exerted when blood strikes the wall of the blood veins. Bloodpressure of a human is usually measured at his/her upper arm. A person’s blood pressure is generally represented using systolic ,diastolic. The Systolic pressure is the bloodpressure when the heart beats and diastolic pressure is the bloodpressure between the heart beats. beats.It is measured in mm of mercury. Normal blood pressure for an adult human being is approximately 120/80 mm Hg. Blood pressure is generally classified into two main types based on the disorder. They are high bloodpressure and low blood pressure. Now let us have a look into the high bloodpressure. … Read more